Feature Issue: STUDIO WEBCASTING - Slide Notes become difficult to read when live - TFS #8342

Feature Issue 


The issue is seen with the webcast platform, Slide Notes in the Presentation timeline become unreadable when we start the webcast, background colour changes for the content area.


Steps to Recreate


  1. Upload a PPT deck with slide notes to any Studio webcast
  2. View the notes in rehearsal mode and see dark grey text on a light background
  3. Click Start Webcast
  4. See slide notes display dark grey text on a dark background making them difficult to read



Data Center(s) Impacted




The only option is to add CSS to the layout to change the background colour of the container when the webcast is in live mode. The CSS below can be used to change the background colour to white, making the text more visible. You can update the colour value to any preferred colour you like. This would be needed for any webcast that needs the background colour changed.



Background-color: #ffffff



Cause & Fix

TFS # 8342 has been entered.  QA is testing to recreate the issue.  Once Testing is complete, product management will review for a release date assignment.

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