Feature Issue: VIRTUAL EVENTS - Google Chat Translations Display Text in Same Language - TFS #7985

Feature Issue

Virtual event chat rooms that utilize the Google translator service do not have their messages translated. All messages only appear in the original language.


Steps to Recreate

  1. Enter a virtual event
  2. Navigate to General Settings > Select Google translation service > Enable all languages and submit
  3. Ensure that at least one configured host space contains a chat room
  4. Register two users. One with English and one with another language
  5. Login as each user, navigate to space from step 3, enter a chat in the local language of the user
  6. Confirm that users see chats repeated in the same language that was entered, instead of being translated to the language of the user viewing the chat


Data Centers Impacted




The Azure translator service should be used instead. It functions as expected.


Cause & Fix

TFS#7985 has been entered for this issue. Product management will review for a release date assignment.

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