Feature Issue: STUDIO - "Did not attend webcast" Email Filter does not display correct recipients for Lobby Enabled Webcasts - TFS #12264

Feature Issue

Sending an email for a Lobby Enabled webcast, using the "Did not attend webcast" filter option, the recipient list does not display the correct users who did not attend the webcast. Registrants entering the lobby are appearing as attended in our reports, causing the system to mark them as watching the presentation, when they have not attended the webcast.


Steps to Recreate

  1. Create an event in the future with lobby experience and register test users in the event.
    2. Messaging> Sorry We Missed You > add a schedule email blast.
    3. Recipient Filter > Did not attend this webcast > Preview Recipient List
    4. No Recipients will show from the list of registered users due to already entering the lobby.

Create a report in Report Builder for “Registered Did Not Attend” users, and uploading those users to send the Sorry We Missed You email using the “Email address in list” filter, will send the Sorry We Missed you email to users who did not attend the presentation.

Data Center(s) Impacted

Cause & Fix

TFS# 12264 has been entered by product management as an enhancement request to create new email filters for lobby-enabled webcasts. 

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