Feature Issue: STUDIO WEBCASTING - Private Q&A Responses Are Visible When Users Refresh Their Browser During Live Webcast - TFS #12121

Feature Issue

If a question has been responded to with a private answer in the Studio Q&A panel, it will become visible to any users who refresh their browser while the webcast is running live. This only appears to happen if the browser is refreshed. It also appears to only occur when the webcast is in a live state, not on-demand. Additionally, users only see questions that were answered while they were in the session before refreshing. If the user closes the window and re-enters the presentation, they will not see questions.


Steps to Recreate

  1. Create a Studio webcast in VX or Studio Webcasting that contains the Studio Q&A panel.
  2. As an admin user, start the webcast.
  3. Register and join as two different attendees. (Ensure that this is done in three separate browser sessions by using a different browser or an incognito tab.)
  4. As the first attendee, ask a question in the Studio Q&A Panel.
  5. As the admin user, respond to the question, ensuring that the private toggle is enabled.


  1. As the second attendee, observe that the question and response are not seen in the Studio Q&A Panel.
  2. As the second attendee, refresh your browser.
  3. Observe that the question and response are now visible in the Studio Q&A Panel.



Data Centers Impacted






Cause & Fix

TFS# 12121 has been entered for this issue. QA has confirmed the issue and Product Management is reviewing for a release date assignment.

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