Feature Issue: All Products - Carbon Savings Panel Displays no Data - TFS #12090

Feature Issue

The carbon savings panel displays no data after being configured in VX, Studio Webcasting, or Lobby Experience and having attendees join the event and enable location access.


Steps to recreate: (Virtual Events)

  1. Create a responsive virtual event
  2. Add the carbon savings panel as a new row or column in a universal space
  3. Navigate to event tools > carbon offset location settings > set the event's location and then click set carbon offset location to save changes
  4. Register for the event and join as an attendee
  5. Navigate to the space with the carbon savings panel and allow your browser to share location
  6. The panel will not update and remain at 0 in both columns



Steps to recreate: (Studio Webcasting)

  1. Create a Studio webcast
  2. Navigate to the layout tab and turn on the toggle for the carbon savings panel
  3. Click the edit button next to the panel, set the event's location, and click the save button
  4. Register for the webcast and join as an attendee
  5. Allow your browser to share location
  6. The panel will not update and remain at 0 in both columns



Steps to recreate: (Lobby Experience)

  1. Create a Studio Webcast from the Lobby Experience template on a Lobby enabled tenant
  2. Navigate to the lobby tab
  3. Select the pre-lobby
  4. Scroll down to the Carbon Savings widget and click it
  5. Enter the event’s location and apply changes
  6. While the pre-event lobby is open, register as an attendee and enter the lobby
  7. The carbon savings widget will display 0 in both columns


Data Centers Impacted






Cause and Fix

TFS# 12090 has been entered for this issue. QA has confirmed the issue and Product Management is reviewing for a Release Date Assignment.

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  • Updated to include that this also impacts the Carbon Savings widget in the Lobby Experience.

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