Virtual Events - Newly Created Sponsor Space Staffers Default to Hidden Regardless of Option Chosen at Creation - TFS #11896

Feature Issue

All newly added sponsor space staffers are set to hidden regardless of the chosen setting when initially adding the staffer.


Steps to Recreate:

  1. Create a virtual event
  2. Create a sponsor
  3. Create a sponsor space for that sponsor
  4. Within the sponsor space, navigate to the Staff area and click the "Add a staffer" option
  5. Search for a sponsor user within this menu to add a new staffer
  6. Do not select the "Hide" checkbox for this user and then submit changes


  1. Re-enter this page by going to sponsor setup > manage sponsor > your sponsor > and then clicking the sponsor space
  2. The newly created user will have the "Hide" checkbox selected despite it not being selected when being set up


  1. If the box is unchecked and changes are submitted, the correct setting will now persist


Data Center(s) Impacted




Deselecting the “Hide” checkbox and then submitting changes will cause the correct settings to persist.


Cause & Fix

TFS# 11862 has been entered for this issue. Product Management will review for a release date assignment.

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  • This issue has been resolved in the US environment and will be pushed in a future maintenance release to the APAC environment.

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  • This issue has been resolved in both the US and APAC environments.

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