Feature Issue: STUDIO WEBCASTING - Lobby Experience Webcasts Do Not Support Survey as Exit Action or Webcast Panel - TFS #11480

Feature Issue

Studio webcasts with Lobby Experience enabled cannot have a survey set as the exit action or placed within a webcast panel. The surveys will not be displayed correctly.


Steps to Recreate

  1. Create a new Studio webcast in a tenant with Lobby Experience enabled.
  2. Create a webcast survey. (Studio webcasting > tools > surveys > add new)
  3. Enter the layout tab and click customize.
  4. Add the survey panel and point it to the newly created survey.
  5. In the settings tab of studio webcasting, set the exit action to your newly created survey
  6. Enter the presenter console as an admin
  7. Observe that the survey panel is difficult to read
  8. Start the webcast and the end it, triggering the exit action
  9. The survey will be difficult to read

Survey Panel:


Survey as Exit Action:


Data Center(s) Impacted




For the survey webcast panel, you can go to the layout editor if you are using the Studio Broadcast product. From there you can select the layout tab, click the survey panel, click the CSS icon, navigate to the content container tab of the window that pops up, then change the background-color property to black and save your changes. This will allow the survey to be readable. Note – this will not work with the “Dropdown (single-select, no text entry)” and “Radio Buttons (horizontal)” answer types.


There is no workaround for surveys used as exit actions. The exit action for a Lobby Experience webcast should go to the post-lobby or an external web page. The survey can be placed as a modal survey or a survey widget within the post-lobby.


Cause & Fix

TFS# 11480 has been entered for this issue. Product Management will review for a release date assignment.

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