Feature Issue: VX - 3D & 2D Resource Center Space Documents Showing "Undefined" Instead of "From" When Listing Source - TFS #11862

Feature Issue

The resource center in 2D and 3D events is not showing the word “from” when listing the source of the document. Instead, it is showing as undefined and then the document’s source.



Steps to Recreate

Create a 2D or 3D Virtual Event

Add documents to the resource center host space as well as to sponsor spaces

Navigate to the resource center as an attendee

The word “from” is not displayed. It will say undefined.


Data Center(s) Impacted




The following CSS can be added to Event Tools > Show Custom CSS to hide this line from the event.


.RCMedia_Link {

    display: none;




Cause & Fix

TFS# 11862 has been entered for this issue. Product Management will review for a release date assignment.

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