As a Sponsor, how do I activate my shared teammate dashboard in the Matchmaking interface?

The first user per Sponsor to launch Matchmaking from the Virtual Event becomes the admin of their shared teammate dashboard within the Matchmaking interface. This admin can also then grant Teams admin permissions to one or many of their other teammates at any time. 

  1. Log in to the Virtual Event during the early-access Profile Access or Preview window 
  2. Confirm the Matchmaking consent field in your profile has “I agree” selected 
    • If “I do not agree” is selected, change the answer to “I agree” and Save. This will trigger a permission update that can take up to 30 minutes to apply before proceeding. 
  3. Click the Launch Matchmaking button within your profile, and a new tab will open the Matchmaking interface. 
  4. Upon launching Matchmaking for the first time, you will be prompted to complete an easy-to-use wizard to add more details to your Matchmaking profile. These help inform the AI engine to make the best recommendations: 
    • Areas of Interest - Choose values that reflect the Exhibitor you represent 
    • Industry - Choose values that reflect the Exhibitor you represent
    • Job Function - Choose values that reflect your role in the Exhibitor you represent 
    • Job Level - Choose values that reflect your role in the Exhibitor you represent 
    • LinkedIn - Optional personal or Exhibitor LinkedIn URL(s)
    • Website - Optional URL(s) that reflect the Exhibitor you represent


  1. When complete, click Next. 
  2. On the Contact Details screen, set preferred visibility for your email address and phone number to Public, Private, or Connections Only. Your email address will already be populated here and a phone number can optionally be added to your profile after this initial onboarding is complete. 


  1. When complete, click Next. 
  2. Because you are the first representative of your Exhibitor to launch Matchmaking, you will now activate your shared teammate dashboard. Confirm the “Create Your Team” toggle is ON and in the Team Name field, type your exhibitor/sponsor name.


  1. When complete, click Next.
  2. Choose if you agree to having your usage data aggregated on an anonymous basis for statistical and analysis purposes. This will not affect your Matchmaking access or recommendations.


  1. When complete, click Start Networking.
  2. Next, click the My Team icon in the upper right area of the screen to access your shared teammate dashboard.



  1. On the lower left side of this shared Teams interface, click Edit Profile.
  2. Upload a logo/avatar that represents your Exhibitor 
  3. Upload an optional cover photo that represents your Exhibitor. 
  4. Populate other optional fields for your Exhibitor's profile as needed, including a headline, website, LinkedIn URL, location, or summary, and click Update Profile to save. 



These details will also be visible within the profile of each of your Exhibitor Representative teammates: 


Any teammates per Sponsor that were created/registered in the Virtual Event prior to the initial admin activating this Teams dashboard will all automatically be accepted into the same shared teammate interface. 

Any teammates per Sponsor that are created/registered in the Virtual Event after this initial admin activation of this Teams dashboard will each need to be accepted to the shared teammate interface by any of their already accepted teammates:



Note: If a pending teammate has the Matchmaking interface open at the time they are accepted to their team, they will need to close the window, and re-launch the Matchmaking interface from the Virtual Event to see their updated Teams access. 


Teams admins have the ability to edit their teammates personal profiles, including availability, and can grant these admin permissions to other teammates if needed.  



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