What branding options are available within the Matchmaking interface?


Main event color (hex code)
This color applies to all buttons and links within the Matchmaking interface 



Main logo - 500 w x 160 h
This logo appears in the upper left corner of the Matchmaking interface and in Matchmaking emails 





Thumbnail logo - 150 w x 150 h 
This smaller logo appears in the upper left corner of the Matchmaking interface when the navigation pane is automatically minimized to icons-only, to allow for more screen real estate when drilling down into individual user profiles or when a user is editing their own Matchmaking profile. 



Home Feed banner - 1440 w x 600 h 
This banner appears at the top of each users personalized home feed. 



Default Page Image - 1280 w x 1440 h 
This optional graphic appears on the right side of a default landing page that is visible if a user signs out from their Matchmaking profile. If not provided, this portion of the page will be grey. 





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