Feature Issue: STUDIO , VIRTUAL EVENTS (VX) & VIDEO PORTALS - SAML – SP only authentication does not authenticate users

Feature Issue 
When attendees attempt to enter an SSO configured event that is setup with an SAML – SP only authentication, the system does not authenticate users. The error text of “ There was an XML error in the SAML message …” will appear. This issue is affecting Studio, Virtual Events and Video Portals. All other SSO authentication types work as expected.
Note: Some events with this configuration may not be affected. It is recommended to test and confirm the authentication works as expected.

Please contact Notified Solutions via the Web Form with showkey information. Please also note if the event is on demand or upcoming (with the live date) and the team will update the event to ensure SSO is working to allows users entry into your event.

Data Center(s) Impacted

Cause & Fix
Product Management is working with Development with high priority for a fix and will review for a release date assignment.

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