Virtual Event Express with Studio Webcasting Compatibility (VEX)

When creating a Studio Webcast for a Virtual Event Express (VEX) event, there are some features from Studio that aren’t compatible with VEX once imported over.  

Studio features that cause errors in the VEX product are listed below. This list may not be all-inclusive. 


Special Characters in Studio Title 

Some special characters entered in a Studio webcast title do not transfer over when added to the Agenda of a VEX event.  

The table below lists the special characters that do not translate and what they will appear as in VEX, if you type them into your Studio webcast title.


Special Character in Studio Title 

Appears in VEX Agenda 








Does not appear 


Does not appear 


Does not appear 


Does not appear 



Please see the example from each product below. 

Studio Webcasting 


Virtual Event Express  


Special Characters and HTML in Studio Abstract 

The same special characters listed above are not supported in a Studio Abstract when imported to a VEX Agenda.  Subsequently, HTML within a Studio Webcast Abstract is not supported either. 


If you try to import a webcast with special characters or HTML in the Abstract to a VEX Agenda, you will receive this error. 


Early Entrance Minutes  

If you have entered Early Entrance Minutes into your Studio Webcast Settings, the VEX Agenda will list the webcast start time as the Early Entrance Minutes time, not the actual webcast start time listed in Studio Settings.  

Please see the example below. If you would like the actual webcast start time to appear on the VEX Agenda, follow the instructions in this article. 


Studio Webcasting 


Virtual Event Express 


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