Feature Issue: VIRTUAL EVENTS (VX) - Unable to Update Existing Speaker Photos in Studio Presentations - TFS #10971

Feature Issue

Users are unable to update an existing speaker photo in VX. The speaker photo is updated in the user profile, but this does not update in the theater or speaker bio panel inside the webcast.


Steps to Recreate

  1. Add a new or existing speaker account to a Studio presentation in VX.
  2. Click the "edit photo" link below the placeholder speaker photo. Upload a new image into the CMS. (Alternatively, if the user exists, you can use the current image.)


  1. Submit the changes to the presentation and confirm that the speaker photo shows correctly in the theater\event spaces.


  1. Go back to the edit presentation menu of VX and click the "edit user" option for the speaker with an uploaded photo.
  2. In the user's profile, open the descriptive information menu and click the "change" link under the profile image.
  3. Click the upload image button and upload a new speaker photo. (Do not use one of the pre-existing drawn speaker images. It should be a newly uploaded photo. The existing images work as intended.)
  4. Once the file has uploaded, highlight it and click the select button.
  5. Click the submit button on the profile page to process the changes. The new image will show up in the edit presentation menu.


  1. Enter the event's theater or the presenter console for the presentation.
  2. The new speaker photo does not take effect in the theater or in the speaker bio panel of the webcast. The old photo will also be displayed when going back to the edit presentation menu in VX.





If the speaker links have not been distributed, you can create a new user with the correct speaker photo and remove the old one. If this is not possible, you can submit a ticket to the Solutions Support team to update the photo.



Cause & Fix

TFS# 10971 has been entered for this issue. QA is testing to recreate. Once testing is complete, Product Management will review for a release date assignment.

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