How to Setup Registration Verification (VEX)

Navigate to the Guestbook tab under the event Setup. Then, select E-mail Verification from the drop-down list. 


Select which fields you would like to utilize by selecting fields from the “Create New” drop-down list. We recommend adding a Description text field with a description of what users must do to be verified.



Adding the Verify code field will require users to enter a code provided in the automated registration email. If you choose Verify email only, users will need to click on the event link provided in the automated registration email.  

Don’t forget to add a Submit button! 


Next, go to the Notifications tab to enable and configure the registration confirmation email. This step is necessary, as it is how users will receive their verification code or link. 

 Enable the Active and Verification fields to “Yes.” 


Input all required information. Then in the Message field, insert merge variables according to the verification you previously configured on the Guestbook page. 


“Guestbook Verify Code” will provide a unique code to the user. “Player Link” will provide the Event URL Link to verify the user to enter the event.  


Save changes at the bottom of the page! 






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