How to Configure Video Breakout Sessions and End User Experience (VEX) 

If you would like to use video breakout sessions, please note it is at an additional cost. Please contact your Account Executive for more information if it is currently not included.  

Please note Internet Explorer (IE11) is not supported. 

Breakout sessions have a maximum limit of 30 attendees not including moderators/admins. Breakout sessions are also limited to 30 minutes. If the session exceeds 30 minutes additional charges may be applied.  


Configuring Video Breakout Session in the Agenda 

 Navigate to the Agenda setup tab and under the track, click Add New. You will now see an option for video breakout  blobid0.png

 To set up the Breakout session fill in the Title, Event Start Time, Duration, Description, and Admin/presenters whitelist.   blobid1.png

 Click Save changes and your breakout session is now configured.  

 Note: Breakout sessions will start exactly at the event start time. Please add all the email addresses of admins and presenters to the whitelist to ensure they can access the event and do not count to the 30 attendees. Admins/presenters will also have additional privileges in the event such as muting a participant. 


Attendee and Moderator User Experience Joining 

 Attendees and Moderators will join the breakout session the same way as other sessions in the agenda/theater by clicking the view now button. If the breakout session is before the actual start time, you will see the message below.   blobid2.png

 When the session has started you will be brought to a page that first lets you adjust your camera, microphone, and audio output settings. 


 Camera: Click 'Switch' to change the camera source detected and toggle off to disable video. 

 Microphone & Audio Output: Click 'Switch' to change the microphone or audio output settings and toggle off to disable and mute audio. 

 Click Join meeting to enter the video session. 

 If the number of attendees has already reached the 30-maximum limit, the attendee will receive the message below. 



Attendee and Moderator User Experience in the Session 


Left side controls  



  • The number next to Breakout Session will update in real time to the number of attendees and moderators currently in the session. 
  • Click on the cogwheel to change your initial microphone, camera, and audio outputs set before joining, and also to change the layout display options of other participants.  

 Right side controls 


  • Click on the people icon to bring up the list of attendees currently in the session. 
  • Click on the chat icon to text chat with anyone currently in the session. 
  • As a Moderator, you also have the option to boot a participant from the session. The kick option will appear next to the participant’s name in the participant list.  

 Note: Only Moderators/Admins will have access to the Mute all button or mute individuals. Only Moderators also have access to Annotations. 


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