Feature Issue: VIRTUAL EVENTS - Sponsor Space Staffers Are Unable to Create or Edit Scheduled Breakout Rooms Via Space Builder - TFS #10501

Feature Issue

Sponsor space staffers are unable to create or edit scheduled breakout rooms via space builder. Only system users who access space builder through VX can schedule or edit these rooms.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a 3D or Responsive Virtual Event
  2. Create a new sponsor or configure an existing sponsor for use in the event
  3. Create a sponsor space for the chosen sponsor
  4. Add a staffer to the sponsor space and assign them admin rights
  5. In space builder setup, ensure that the space type of your sponsor has the “Scheduled Breakout Rooms” feature allowed and that the number of allowed scheduled breakout rooms has been set to a value other than 0
  6. Add scheduled breakout rooms to the space builder steps menu
  7. Configure the space builder open dates
  8. Log into space builder with the sponsor staffer user that you created
  9. Click on the “Scheduled Breakout Rooms” step
  10. Click the “Add Breakout room” button
  11. Configure the breakout room’s settings and click “Save Changes”
  12. You will be presented with the following error message (Note: This error will also occur if a sponsor staffer attempts to edit an existing scheduled breakout room.)




A system user with VX access will need to create or edit any scheduled breakout rooms for sponsors.


Cause & Fix

TFS# 10501 has been entered for this issue. QA is testing to recreate. Once testing is complete, Product Management will review for a release date assignment.

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