Virtual Events Express Template Guide (VEX)

Under the Setup tab and Design page, you have the ability to import an event template from our ready-to-use designs. Once you have selected a template and made changes to your event, it is not recommended that you change templates. By doing so, you will lose all of your work done on the previous template and will not be able to recover it.

This article has been created to provide a visual of our different template options so that you may feel confident selecting a template prior to making changes in your virtual event.

Please note the 2D templates have animated backgrounds that will not reflect in the screenshots below.

Template 2D Lobby Pulse (English)


Template 2D Lobby Spark (English)


Template 3D Lobby and Agenda – variant 1 (English)


Template 3D Lobby and Agenda – variant 2 (English)


To select your template, navigate to the Setup tab and Design page. Click 'Import from template' and select your desired design.


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