How to Configure Calendar Reminder (VEX)

A Calendar Reminder may be beneficial for your guests to add the upcoming event to their own calendar.


Configure Calendar Reminder

To configure Calendar Reminder settings, navigate to the Setup tab, then select the Notifications page on the left-hand menu.



Scroll down to the Calendar entry and enter the Subject and Location. When editing your Description, you may also add parse variables using the drop-down menu on the top right corner of the Description box. Save changes.


Add Calendar Reminder to Guestbook Registration Email

Navigate to the Setup tab, then select the Notifications page on the left-hand menu. Activate the email by selecting “Yes” in the Active drop-down menu.

Fill in all the required fields, and any optional fields that are relevant.3.png

Once you get to the registration email, enter your Subject and Message text. Add parse variables (indicated by the %% markers) by selecting them in the drop-down menu under Message.


Add Calendar Reminder to Downloads Module

If you would like to add the calendar reminder to the Downloads module, navigate to the Modules page under Setup. Select Downloads or create a new Downloads module if not already existing.


Then, ensure the Availability is set to “Prior.” This will allow attendees to download the calendar reminder from this page prior to the event start date and time. Adjust other availability modes as needed.


Then, navigate to the Downloads page under the Setup tab.


Click “Create New” and select “Calendar entry” in the drop-down menu.


Enter the Title and Description, if applicable. Selecting your Publishing option indicates when you would like the Calendar entry to be available to Users. Click “Save changes” to complete the Calendar reminder set up.


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