When will I need to use the Post Control Booth setting? (VEX)

When will I need to use the Post Control Booth setting?

 A: The Post setting on the Control Booth tab can be used if you would like to make updates to your event after it has ended and it is not yet ready to be placed On Demand for your users to view. Only those with Admin access will be able to access the event in Post mode.

For example, you may want to edit the original version of the webcast prior to making it available for On Demand viewing. If media edits are needed, mark your Control Booth setting to Post mode, then edit the Studio recordings in the Studio Media Editor.

If you are using a third-party webcast hosting service, you may need to update the link(s) in the Agenda tab once you access the meeting recording(s).

Another use case for this feature is to add or delete certain content from your event that either was not available at the time of the event or that you want to make exclusive to live viewers only.

Changing Event to Post Mode

To place your virtual event in Post mode, navigate to the Control Booth tab. Using the drop-down menu on the top right corner, select Post.


Confirm by clicking Yes.


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