Setting Up Studio Access Links in Agenda on Virtual Events Express (VEX)

In order to set up Studio Webcast access links in your Virtual Events Express event, you will need to first configure the Agenda module under the Modules tab.


Under the Setup tab, go to the modules page on the left-hand menu. Edit the existing Agenda which is automatically created in the design templates. If you have deleted the existing Agenda, click Create New to re-add that module.


In the Agenda menu, edit the Title and Availability. The “Session link text” allows you to customize the text that is displayed on all the link buttons. This field is limited to a maximum of 30 characters.


Upload or select your background image and save.


Next, go to the Settings tab in your Studio tenant.


Scroll to Date/Time and enable “Bypass Date/Time.” Set the Early Entrance Minutes to 0, then save. By setting the Early Entrance Minutes to 0, the webcast time will transfer to the VEX Agenda as the actual webcast date and time.


Next, in your VEX event, go to Agenda under the Setup tab and select the correct date.


Select a Publishing option duration. We recommend setting the Publishing option to act as the webcast’s Early Entrance Minutes.



When making changes to times or titles for your webcasts in Studio, you must click the “Update times and titles from Studio” button in the top right corner of the Agenda page, under the Setup tab.


Please note that while the Studio times and titles will transfer over after clicking this button, the abstracts will remain the same as the original Studio abstract. To edit the abstract in your Virtual Event, first, click on the correct session.


Then, paste your new abstract in the Description box. Click Save changes.




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