How to Configure Logins and Access Codes (VEX)

If you would like to utilize your Registration page as a Login page with pre-assigned logins and access codes for each guest, the login information must be pre-configured in the Logins tab under Setup. 

The Virtual Events Express admin will need to set these up and send communication to the audience on what their login and access code is. 

Configuring Login and Password in Guestbook 

First, add Login ID and Access Code fields to your Registration page.  

Note: The “Set Password” field is separate from Access Code. Do not select “Set Password” when using Logins, as this will disrupt the user’s ability to login with the pre-set login and access code provided to them as intended. 

Go to the Guestbook tab under Setup. Click “Create New” and select “Login.” 


Edit Label as needed. We recommend enabling “Required” and “Use value from e-mail field.”


From the Guestbook tab, click “Create New” and select “Access Code.” Edit Label as needed and save changes. 


You may add any additional fields to the Guestbook page if you like, but “Submit” is the only other required field.  Drag and drop fields to the desired location. 


Delete Remember me Page 

Access code is not an available field on the Remember me section of the login page. Therefore, you will need to remove the Remember me section when you have enabled login and passwords. 

Without a Remember me section, Users will automatically enter into the event if the cookie is still detected on their browser. If a user deletes their browser cookie or logs out, they will be able to enter the event by refilling their information on the registration page. 

On the Guestbook page, go to the top right corner and switch view to “Remember me.” 



Delete all the fields shown by clicking on the “X” to the right of each field.


Generating Logins and Passwords

To configure logins and passwords, click “Create New” in the top right corner of the Logins tab.


Enter the user’s login and access code. If you have previously checked the Login setting “Use value from e-mail field,” you must enter the user’s email address as the login ID. 

You have the option to “Generate random code” for the access code by clicking on the button to the right of the field. If you would like the code to expire, click the box near “Expires” and select the “Valid until” date. 


You may also upload an .xml file to import logins and access codes, using the “Import” button in the top right corner.


Create an Excel document and save to your computer as an .xml file.


Auto Mode will start importing data from Row 2, with Column A set as the login and Column B set as the access code.


If your file is formatted differently, switch the Mode to “Manual” and insert the correct row and columns.


Click “Browse” to select the .xml file from your computer. Then “Preview” to ensure the data uploaded correctly.


Click “Upload” to finish importing login and access code information.

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