Virtual Events Express Reporting (VEX)

To access Virtual Events Express reports, click on the Reporting Tab on the top, to the right of the Control Booth tab. You will see the reporting options available on Engagement, Guestbook, Audience and Technology.

The Engagement Tab shows audience statistics and what they have done within your event.Engagement_VEX.png

Registrations will display how many people are registered and how many people attended the event. From number of registrants to number of people who attended the event, it will provide a conversion rate.


The Downloads report tells you how many people have downloaded each item you have provided on that module.


Attendance will show the percent of your audience and registrants who Did Not Attend, attended Live, attended On-Demand only, and attended both Live & On-Demand.


The Survey report shows total number of participants, number of survey responses received, and the percentage of the response rate. If you have created a survey and notice the survey report is missing from this page, it will appear once participants begin completing the survey in real time.


If you want more details on any of these reports you can click on the show details link and it will list out the data in more detail.


The Guestbook tab will list everyone who has registered for the event. Including the date and time they registered, their first and last name, their email address, and how many visits they’ve made to the event page.


On the top right corner, you have the option to export this list into an Excel document, to filter the list by any of the options shown below, and to search for specific data.



If you want to add additional columns to the report, you can do so by hovering over any of the column titles. This will make a drop-down arrow appear. Then, select columns and click the checkbox next to the fields you would like included.


The Audience page will give you more details about your registrants.


The Map will give you a visual of the percentage of the audience who came from each country.


The Countries window will provide a list of the Map information.


Timeline shows how many people were logged in at specific times over the live event day. If you have a multi-day event, you can view one day at a time by selecting the specific date by using the “Select other day” drop-down.


Agenda participation shows you how many views each Studio session listed on your Agenda module received.


Providers displays the internet providers the attendees are using.


Smart codes will report where your viewers are coming from. For more information on how to set up Smart codes, please refer to this article


The Technology page will give detailed information of your audience’s Browser, Device, Platforms and Resolutions used to access the event. If you would like additional reporting specific to each webcast, you can log into your Studio tenant to pull reports.



Studio Webcasting Data Portal

If you have individual Studio sessions linked to your Virtual Event, we recommend pulling reporting from both Virtual Events Express Reporting and Studio Webcasting Data Portal.

We suggest accessing reports through Virtual Events Express when pulling event overview information, such as:

  • Registration reports
  • Email reports
  • Login information

While you will want to utilize the Studio Webcasting Data Portal for individual session reporting, such as:

  • Length of webcast(s)
  • Polls answered
  • Q&A interactions

Learn more about the Studio Webcasting Data Portal here.

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