Feature Issue: VIRTUAL EVENTS - Duplicate registrations cause Data Access Error in C-Reports - TFS #9496

Feature Issue

In Virtual Events, there are circumstances that would allow a user to register for the same package multiple times. If expiration dates are included for a specific package, for example, users are able to re-register with the same package once their original registration has expired.


The scenario above allows a user to have duplicate active registrations in the same event. This is expected, since having an expired registration package should not prevent a user from re-registering for the event, even if using the same package again.


When a user has duplicate registrations in an event, a Data Access Error will appear when attempting to run a C-User List report, such as a registration report, in the data portal.


Steps to Recreate (PB access required)

  1. Select any existing Virtual Event with existing registrations at least 30 days in the past
  2. PB > Event Setup > Registration > Registration Packages > Select an existing package > Package Items > Set expiration type to expire 30 days from actual registration date
  3. Registration Activity > Activity Search > Find any user that registered with the package from step 2 more than 30 days in the past
  4. Re-register as the same user from step 3
  5. Repeat step 3 and confirm user has 2 accepted registrations
  6. Create a C-User List Report to show registered users and add to the data portal
  7. Enter the data portal and select the C-Report
  8. Confirm the report does not run and returns a Data Access Error



The original, expired registration needs to have the status updated in the Registration Activity menu to eliminate the duplicate active registration.


If you are unsure which user(s) has a duplicate registration, a report can be added to the Data Portal by Solutions for any existing event. The report will allow you to identify these users in the event. Once any affected users are identified in the report, proceed to the steps below to resolve the issue.


  1. Open the Registration Activity Search menu in VX
  2. Search for your user > Confirm there are two registration with the status of Accepted and Reversed shows No
  3. Uncheck the checkbox for the neNotified registration
  4. Change the status drop down to Cancelled and click Set Status to update the selected registration
  5. Repeat step 8 from above and confirm the report now runs successfully


Cause & Fix

TFS #9496 was created for the issue. QA is testing to recreate the issue. Once testing is complete, Product Management will review for a release date assignment.

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