How to Use the Call Manager with an Integrated Telephony Speaker Bridge

The below article will walk through how to use the Call Manager with an Integrated Telephony Speaker Bridge.

First, make sure you've downloaded the Call Manager.  You can download it below, once downloaded, enter the installation code:

Before the Live Day, create an Integrated Telephony Speaker Bridge.  This can be accomplished in Studio Webcasting or the Presenter Console.  Instructions on how to do that can be found here.

On the Live Day, open Call Manager. On the Sign In screen, enter the Conference Code in the Login field and the Leader Pin in the Password field. Once you’re logged in, click on Start Meeting from the Call Manager app.



When Call Manager launches, you can choose to have the system call you to connect audio, or you can dial in separately. Click Start Meeting.  Once you're connected, press 1 to start the meeting followed by *2 to begin recording the call (if required).



When you first start the meeting, it may be locked. If it's locked, click the Unlock button so that new people dialing in will not be placed in the waiting room. 


As speakers begin to join, it is advised to rename each speaker that has dialed in so you can easily identify who’s speaking. Hover over the user and click the More menu at the top, then select Rename



Alternately, you can hover-click on the phone number and begin typing. Type in the name, and press Enter on your keyboard. You will see a prompt that asks if you would like to save the contact name. You can click either yes or no.  


Any line that is broadcasting will highlight in green. To mute a speaker or a line that is causing background noise, click the mute button on that user. The user will hear a prompt informing them that they have been muted and that they can press *6 or #6 to un-mute.




To disconnect a user, click on the menu above that user and select Disconnect Audio. You’ll be asked to confirm the action, and after a moment, that user will be disconnected.



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