Notified Studio: SSO & SAML 2.0

This document outlines the requirements to initiate SAML 2.0 between Studio and the client directory. Clients wishing to implement SAML should request a call with their Notified representative, who will schedule a meeting with Notified Solutions for implementation.

SAML 2.0
• SAML Flow: SP-Initiated and IdP-Initiated
• SP HTTP Protocol: https
• SP Entity ID:
• SAML NameID Format: urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format:transient
• SP Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL:
• SP Start URL: Each time there is a webcast, it is uniquely identified by a ShowKey (integer). Therefore, the SP Start URL will always begin with the following, but then have a varying integer at the end.
• For IdP-initiated, the unique ShowKey is included in the Response for Notified to know which SAML-configured event/webinar to allow entry into.

Initiating SAML: requirements needed from client
Information needed to enable 2-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-on (SSO) access via SAML to Notified Studio:

(For Notified) Client = IdP
o Client to provide link to metadata, including endpoint URL and x509 certificate
o Client to provide a list of response’s named payload attributes to be mapped. Unique email is minimal requirement, while First Name and Last Name are recommended to help identify users.
Fields are case sensitive and exact spellings are required (field requirements to be passed)
o Client to provide public X509 certificate

(For Client) Notified Studio = SP
o Entity ID =
o (ACS) Assertion Consumer Service =


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