How do I use a Speaker Bridge with the Integrated Telephony?

In Studio Webcasting, there is an option for Integrated Telephony which allows you to use a dedicated Speaker Bridge for your webcast.  This can be completed in the Studio Webcasting setup and the presenter console.

In Studio Webcasting, go to Settings>Integrated Telephony>Add New>Speaker Bridge>SAVE.


When Speaker Bridge is selected, Studio will generate a Call in Number, Conference Code and Leader pin.  The speaker bridge can be used at ANY TIME once generated.  Studio will only allow for one speaker bridge instance per webcast.  In addition, there is no date/time restriction which allows for the speaker bridge to be used on multiple occasions (speaker training, recordings, dry runs, pre-call/live day, etc.)

By selecting the Copy icon, copy the call in details and send them to a speaker/moderator and/or include them in a meeting invite for a dry run, live day, etc.


Upon launching the presenter console, the speaker bridge source will be available for immediate use. 

You can:

  • Edit the source (pencil icon)
  • Review the source details (information icon)
  • Delete the source (trash can icon)


By selecting Source Details, you can also copy the call in details and send them to a speaker/moderator and/or include them in a meeting invite for a dry run, live day, etc.


When you're ready to connect the speaker bridge source in Studio, first dial into the generated Call in Number and use the Conference Code followed by the # sign. You will then press * followed by the Leader pin. Next you will be prompted to start the call by pressing 1, after inputting the leader pin.

You can also begin a backup audio recording once the meeting is started by dialing *2 followed by 1. This is useful in case there are any issues with the recording saved in Studio. If this is not done, the recording cannot be recovered after the call is completed.

Once dialed in and the phone call has begun, connect the speaker bridge source by selecting Make Call.  By doing this, Studio will call the telephony speaker bridge.


The icon will switch and read Ringing until the line is connected.


When the line connects, the phone icon will turn red and read Hang up if you hover over it, and the buttons to the right of the source will appear. You're now connected.


Add the speaker bridge source to the scene to broadcast the audio. Once the webcast is over, click Hang Up to disconnect the speaker bridge source.

Lastly, you also have the ability to add a Speaker Bridge from the presenter console.   Go to Sources>Add New>Integrated Telephony


Title the source as you wish. Enable Go Live Automatically if you would like the source added to the scene automatically when the webcast starts.  In addition, you can upload Default Source Media and enable Include Failover Source.


Follow the same steps listed above to dial in and connect the speaker bridge.


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