How To Run a Kollective Webcast

First, check to make sure that your webcast has a Kollective output.  Each new webcast that requires Kollective must be configured with the Kollective output.

Launch Studio using an administrator staffer link and go to Tools>Monitor Tool.


Select the OUTPUTS tab.  If the Kollective output exists, it will appear as below.


If Kollective doesn't exist, add it as an ouput.  Click on the plus (+) button under OUTPUTS and select HLS. Do not delete the default DASH and HLS outputs from the Outputs tab.


Title the output. Be mindful when titling the output, it will display in Studio Reporting.  Drop down ECDN and select the clients ECDN name.  Click SAVE.

NOTE: the clients ECDN name should be present from the drop down, if its blank contact the Notified eCDN team or the Studio Product team.


 Next, upload a Standby Image.  Go to Settings>Media Panel Assets>Standby Image.

When using an eCDN, there is a delay in the video being seen by the viewer.  Therefore, its best to upload a Standby Image otherwise the viewer will be presented with a black video panel before they see the webcast content.  It's advisable to upload an image containing text similar to the below, Please wait for the webcast to begin, Thanks!


It's highly recommended that the webcast contains a hold image or video for pre-roll once live.  You will want to start the webcast at least 5 minutes (15 minutes early preferred) before the speaker is to go live.  Once live, it will take Kollective approximately 45 seconds for the video to go through their servers.  During this time, while the webcast is live, the hold image/video can be pushed out to the viewers. 

It's best practice that the speaker begins presenting 1 minute prior to the webcast start time.  This is because the viewers will be roughly around 1 minute behind, therefore, starting 1 minute prior the viewer will see the webcast start "on time". Additionally, at the end of the presentation it's recommended that you let the webcast run a minute extra to take into account the 1 minute delay users experience.

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