Can I configure a source to dial out directly to a speakers phone?

QUESTION: Can I setup a source that dial out to a speaker phone?

ANSWER: Yes, this would be a Direct Dial phone source.


Steps to create a direct dial phone source in Studio.

1. Create a phone source.


2. Edit the source details for the caller you're dialing out to. For the phone number, you do not need to add the country code as that is selected in the drop-down.


3. Once the phone source is created, click the 'Make Call' button to dial out directly to the speaker.


4. The source will show as 'Ringing' until the speaker answers the call on their phone.


5. Once the speaker answers the call the source controls show up for adding the source to the scene and the speaker's audio will be heard in the webcast. When completed you can hang up the call from the source or the speaker can hang up their phone as normal to end the call.

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