5.114 Event Cloud Product Release Notes - December 07, 2022

Below are the release notes for the 5.114 Event Cloud release on Wednesday, December 07, 2022


New Features and Enhancements

Instagram has been added to the list of Social Link fields available in the Sponsor admin. When this field is populated, users in Schedule Builder visiting that Sponsor Booth will see a clickable Instagram icon with the other social link icons.



Documents added to a Session now appear under a dedicated Resources button on the Session Details page. The list displays each resource name, filetype, size, and a download icon.



Updated Community & Speaker Directory page designs

Grid View:

blobid0.png   blobid1.png

List View:


  • Based on event features enabled and user profile privacy settings, the Meet and Message options now exist in an ellipsis menu per user instead of buttons. Also in this menu is a View Profile option. Note: Clicking the user’s name also still loads their full profile page as usual.
    • The Meet and Message options are still available from both the Community grid & list views, with no changes to expected behavior.
    • The Meet and Message options were not previously available directly on the Speaker Directory page and have now been added to the grid & list views there as well, to align with the Community page experience. 




Updated Expo Hall/Sponsor List page design


  • With this updated design, the Sponsor Name and (optional) Booth Number values now appear below the logo in each Sponsor card on the Expo Hall/Sponsor List page.
  • Each Sponsor card has an image area where the logo appears, automatically centered/resized appropriately for the space. This is the same logo that also appears within the Sponsor Booth today with no change to expected behavior, and existing logo size recommendations & best practices remain the same.




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